this is my spyro the dragon fanblog :))) enjoy your stay!


I did a draw of a little Classic Spyro headshot .u.
I really need to replay the Classics
If only I still had my PS1…AND the discs…

Aquaria Towers


Aquaria Towers - Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage


Spyro 3 - Sheila’s Alp

Aaaaand that’s 100!

thank u all for getting this blog to 100 followers :] happy gliding, flaming, treasure-hunting, or doing whatever a dragon does!

Haunted Tomb is just that; A catacomb of a world that’s deep, dark, and ancient. Dogs are the guardians of the decorated tombs, with carvings and paintings on nearly every surface and gold decorates the resting places.